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Loft conversions - a cutaway house and loft conversion plan


Building Regulations for Loft Conversions

PlanningBuilding regulations for loft conversions are generally straightforward when it come to standard houses that are two storeys high. Requirements for alterations to taller buildings may be more extensive and possibly extend to other parts of the building. Building regulations exist to make sure that:

  1. the structural strength of the new floor is sufficient.
  2. the stability of the structure (including the existing roof) is not endangered
  3. there is safe escape from fire.
  4. there is a safely designed staircase to the new floorspace
  5. there is reasonable sound insulation between the conversion and the rooms below.

You may wish to make these alterations to enhance the storage facilities available or to increase the living space of the home.  If you plan to make the loft space more accessible or more habitable by, for example, installing a stair to it and improving it by boarding it out and lining the walls / rafters etc, more extensive work is likely to be required and the Building Regulations are likely to apply.

LOFTS4ALL will contact Building Control to discuss your proposal and for further advice.

Boarding-out for storage
In most homes, the existing timber joists that form the "floor" of the loft space ( i.e. the ceiling of the rooms below) will not have been designed to support a significant weight. The joists tie the pitched members of the roof together to prevent them spreading and support the ceiling lining of the rooms below. An excessive additional load, for example from storage, may mean that the joists are loaded beyond their design capacity. If you decide to lay flooring boards over the existing joists in the loft space, then this may require a Building Regulations Application to Building Control.

Creating a liveable space
If you decide to create a liveable space in an existing loft space of a home it is likely to require a range of alterations. Many of these could have an adverse impact on the building and its occupants if they are not properly thought out, planned and undertaken in accordance with the requirements of the legislation. A modern loft conversion from LOFTS4ALL will create a living space in keeping with the rest of your home; warm, stylish and bathed in light.

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Creating space for living through loft conversions

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